Soviet-style propaganda by Cameron disrespects the electorate

Soviet-style propaganda by Cameron disrespects the electorate

Soviet-style propaganda by Cameron disrespects the electorate

Vox Pop is all in favour of holding a referendum to allow the public to decide policy but only when it’s a fair and balanced proposition that allows us all to see the full facts. Regardless of whichever way we may think we’re going to vote in the referendum, wouldn’t it be fair to have the full details to make an informed decision?

The civil service, who you would think by the very nature of their name would be in place to serve the public’s best interests, have been instructed by Cameron to not allow Euro-sceptic MPs access to government documents.

Firstly, what does Cameron want to hide that he feels the need for this diktat and, secondly, since when did running a referendum without the full facts serve the British public?

Whatever way you might think you want to vote in the referendum, the fact that information is being kept hidden is a worrying sign and demonstrates the contempt with which politicians regard us, the public, when it comes to decision-making. We may well, as a country, decide to remain or leave the European Union but right now the public has to make the decision on gut-instinct rather than actual facts which are being kept hidden from us.

Cameron buckled under the pressure of his backbenches to avoid a Conservative party rift to allow a referendum on Europe but, as it’s becoming clear, only if the terms of engagement mean he gets the result he wants without allowing us the respect to know how to come to our own conclusions when presented with the facts.

Instead we get scaremongering and Soviet-style propaganda with Cameron instructing the machinery of government to lock down the facts.

Vox Pop would establish a new body to research and present all sides of a referendum issue in a fair and balanced way that dealt in the facts. They would compile the parameters of the policy along with the estimated cost and/or income, and present short films of each vote option, along with more detailed reading materials for those who wanted a deeper understanding on the subject. The electorate would then be able to view both sides of the issue, via the online voting platform and on a public service broadcaster, before casting their vote online.

As detailed in the Vox Pop manifesto, a majority Vox Pop government would do away with the House of Commons and put us, the British public, in charge of all policy decision-making. To reach this goal, we need members to volunteer to stand as candidates at the next general election and, most importantly, we need donations to fund the workings of a new political party and to spread the word about our truly democratic model to as many people as possible.

You can help by sharing news of Vox Pop with your friends and family in the real world, with your followers on social networks, and by joining as a member or making a donation.

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